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We believe in celebrating LOVE

Weddings are a celebration of your love, and our officiants are committed to bringing you and your guests together in one of the most inspiring and rewarding moments of your lives. (Did we mention that we are also hopeless romantics?) To help ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams, we custom-design your ceremony to be personal and one-of-a-kind.

We celebrate love in all forms, and all couples are welcome at Weddings for the Ages. We have experience performing weddings for same-sex, opposite-sex and non-binary couples. We are more than happy to use whatever pronoun(s) you prefer and will design the ceremony to fit with your personal beliefs. From traditional ceremonies to elopements and everything in between, Weddings for the Ages can help make your day one to remember.


Experience makes the difference

Chris and Tyler Wedding 16Oct2016 (4).JP

We have all attended boring weddings where the officiant droned on while people fell asleep in their seats. Your wedding will be anything but boring when you work with Weddings for the Ages. Our officiants are all experienced writers, public speakers and some are even musicians who are able to blend a variety of skills together to make your wedding meaningful and engaging for both you and your guests.


With the experience of over 200 weddings, we know how to keep your guests engaged and entertained as we share how your love is incredible and unique.

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Meet the Team

Weddings for the Ages officiants are ordained and licensed by the State of Ohio to legally solemnize marriages. We are able to perform weddings in many states, though travel and licensing costs may apply.

Northwest Ohio Region


Atonn Smeltzer (he/him)

Owner, officiant

Atonn has attended more than a few weddings where people were snoozing in their seats before the final I dos had been said. Today, as a wedding officiant, he has made it his mission to help couples create custom-made ceremonies that bring people together in an inspiring and rewarding way. Atonn is an experienced writer, public speaker and musician. Add to that over 15 years of professional voice training, and you can rest assured that your ceremony will be engaging and meaningful for both you and your guests.


As the officiant of over 150 weddings, Atonn’s experience speaks for itself. From highly spiritual to completely non-religious, every ceremony is unique and designed to fit with each couple’s beliefs. If you are looking for an officiant to perform full, traditional ceremonies, elopements and everything in between, Atonn would love to help you take this next step in your life.

Carlyn has been a licensed wedding officiant in the State of Ohio since 2013. She has performed weddings for people of all walks of life, of all ages, and of all gender identities, with guest lists numbering from zero into the hundreds. She loves connecting with her clients and working closely with them to design exactly the right wedding to suit their unique personalities and visions. She specializes in secular ceremonies, though she is comfortable with all levels of spirituality and loves working with couples to find the right balance of spiritual and secular to suit their taste.

Carlyn and her spouse, Zann, got married twice, both times with Atonn (Weddings for the Ages owner) as the officiant—once in December of 2016, in their living room with only their cat as witness, and again during their wedding the following July. When they’re not playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, Carlyn can often be found crocheting gigantic blankets and playing her viola with the Sylvania Community Orchestra. She can’t wait to meet you!


Carlyn Campbell-Johannes




Dr. Howard "Ardy" Gonyer, PhD


Dr. Ardy Gonyer is a Bowling Green, Ohio native. Accustomed to public speaking, Dr. Gonyer can be found at his day job Monday through Friday in the office of student affairs at BGSU. When the workweek is over, Ardy doesn’t just kick up his heals and relax. Instead, he can be found officiating weddings for couples from all backgrounds and beliefs.


What excited Ardy the most about officiating for Weddings for the Ages is his passionate belief that all consenting adults should be able to marry whom they choose, in the manner they choose. As an officiant, he has the opportunity to help couples take their dream wedding and make it into a reality.


When he isn't working at the university or officiating weddings, Ardy hosts trivia at The Stone's Throw, enjoys playing golf, Settlers of Catan, and spending time with his lovely bride, Megan.  

Michael has worked in the wedding industry for over five years, starting as a photographer and photo booth operator in 2015. Since then, he has shifted focus from staying behind the lens to standing in front of families and friends all over Ohio and Michigan as an officiant!

It is Michael’s belief that any person should be able to choose who, where, and how they marry and he is proud to work for Weddings for the Ages. With nearly fifteen years of experience in music and the performing arts, Michael uses his skills to craft written ceremonies that are tailor-made for each couple and deliver them with care, love, and intention.

Though he’s only been marrying couples since early 2019, Michael uses his experience as a photographer to work with planners, DJs, photographers, and other vendors to make sure every ceremony is executed perfectly. After all, the greatest facet of the wedding industry is the people you meet and work with!


Michael Barlos




Scott Stechschulte


Scott has been officiating weddings since 2017. He started by officiating his best friend's wedding, and then he was the officiant for his sister's wedding! At that point, he knew he wanted to do more weddings, so he joined Weddings for the Ages! Since then, Scott has found this to be one of the most fulfilling jobs he could have hoped for. As he says, “nothing is more rewarding than when you see the couple whose wedding you just did out on the dance floor for their first dance together. Seeing them so happy in the moment, and just knowing that you helped get them there is one of the better experiences of my life.”

Scott has been a Bowling Green townie for most of his life, attending St. Al's, then BGHS and BGSU. He developed a knack for theater and public speaking, frequently performing as a member of Shakespeare in the park during the summer and fall. Scott can talk your ear off about movies and shows, comics and books, and music of all varieties, so be careful not to get trapped in one of his stories! Scott loves meeting new people from all walks of life, and is never afraid to get up and speak in front of a crowd!

Quill is a newly ordained officiant inspired by officiating their mother's wedding. They have joined Weddings for the Ages under the belief that all consenting adults should be married no matter their sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, physical ability, and sexuality. They are a music lover with a specific taste of R&B, Hip-hop & Rap, Pop, Oldies, and Alternative music and like to incorporate music however they can in a ceremony. They have a love for television, cartoons, and theatre and enjoy the whimsical and child like wonders of life. Quill is an experienced performer with years of improv, public speaking, and theatre performances under their belt, you can guarantee that they will provide the wedding that is up to your standards; a wedding that is small and intimate, or a large celebration with all the bells and whistles you desire.

When Quill is not officiating weddings, they are playing video games, streaming the newest show, taking care of their 3 dogs, and volunteering their time in the theatre community in the greater Toledo area.

Taylor headshot.jpg

Quill Sommer (they/them)


image0 (1).jpeg

Krista Kiessling


Krista has been an officiant since 2015, obtaining her license when same sex marriage was legalized.  Her first ceremony celebrated a same sex couple who had been together 20 years.  Krista and her partner Steven have been married since 1998 and they share two exquisite daughters.  


Krista officiates both traditional and non traditional ceremonies and enjoys writing the “perfect” ceremony for each couple.  Specializing in personalized ceremonies Krista will work with you to develop the ideal plan for your special day.

Willing to travel when necessary and the more fun and special touches the better.

Rachel is a newcomer to the officiating scene with a passion to help couples create the wedding of their dreams.

Rachel discovered her newfound passion after recently being married by Atonn. She has been to many weddings before and realizes just how important an officiant is in setting the perfect mood for the big day. She loves getting to meet new people and learning their personalities so she can provide the best experience possible.

As the previous lead singer and lyricist of a touring rock band, Rachel is no stranger to public speaking and her 7 years of customer service experience will help ensure she meets her couples needs and make their dreams become a reality.


Rachel Wright (she/her)


Northeast Ohio Region


Kate League-Weston (she/her)


Kate League-Weston is no stranger to the wedding industry. As a cosmetologist, she has been lucky to be part of a couple’s special day for over 10 years. She has been officiating since 2016, when two former students gave her the honor of marrying them. Since then, Kate has officiated all types of weddings including simple “I do’s”, big family weddings, same-sex weddings, vow renewals and everything in between. Kate’s favorite part about officiating is creating customized ceremonies that truly fit each couple. Kate is thrilled to be joining Weddings for the Ages, an organization which has a mission statement that aligns so closely with her own.

When not performing weddings, Kate can be found onstage in local theaters, working as a Drama Therapist at Akron Children’s Hospital,  or adventuring with her wife and daughter.

Jen got connected with Weddings for the Ages when she met Carlyn at a friend’s wedding. Carlyn performed such a genuine and beautiful ceremony, Jen couldn’t help but ask how to get involved in the magic. She is newer to wedding officiating but eager to dive in and help all kinds of couples have the important day they deserve and desire. 


Jen works in women’s healthcare in Cleveland, Ohio. She swims with an LGBTQ+ swim team in her free time and enjoys being in the water with her teammates. She also enjoys volunteering with local campaigns, theater, live concerts and drag performance. Jen lives with her retired, racing Greyhound named Millie and enjoys taking her to the dog park to show off her speedy skills.


Jen is devoted to helping each couple craft the ceremony of their dreams. She considers it an honor to help two people have their special day go as smoothly as possible. She wishes all the best to you throughout your wedding experience!


Jen Thurau


Slack Profile Photo.jpg

Darlene Thurau


Love is the element that binds our existence to a spiritual level. Though intangible, we feel it viscerally. Love is honorable to whomever chooses to embrace and commit to its nurture with another. It is to be upheld universally.

Darlene has always found attending weddings to be among her most treasured memories ever since she tied the knot over 36 years ago with her husband, Dave. As a newer officiant with Weddings for the Ages, she is keen to help other couples make their own treasured wedding memory. She believes that our spirits will love whom our spirits love and any two people who love have the right to bind to one another legally. 


She is also keen to help already-married couples create a new, dynamic memory in a vow-renewal ceremony. Some couples may have experienced some difficulty, never quite had the ceremony of which they’d always dreamed, or just spent many years together and want to renew their commitment. Whether a new or renewed commitment, she will be there to help make any couple’s day fulfilling. 


Speaking in front of crowds comes naturally for her as she spent many years as a teacher from elementary to collegiate levels. These days, you’ll find her traveling with Dave, playing with her beloved labradoodle, Gracie Roo, and relishing time spent with her new grandsons.


Rachel Arrowood


Rachel is married and between them they have 4 grown children, 12  grandchildren and 2 great- grandchildren!  Rachel retired in 2015 after 32 years.

She has been officiating weddings since 2015.  Her favorite ceremony is always the one that she is currently officiating. There is always something different at each ceremony that swells her heart with joy and wonder

because of this thing called love.

Rachel believes that love does not discriminate and that there should not be laws that do. She believes that because of the open mindedness of young folks today, these laws will eventually change.


Why does Rachel do this? Because she believes in love. She believes in happily ever after. She believes in the fairytale.

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